Vilaverd, Tarragona

The town has two distinct nuclei: on the one hand there is the area built during the Middle Ages and consisting of narrow and irregular streets; on the other, the area known as les Masies, built during the eighteenth century. In the old town is the parish church dedicated to St. Martin (Sant Martí). Built in the 12th century, it is in Romanesque style with some Gothic elements.

Near the village is the sanctuary of the Virgin of Montgoi. It is believed to have been built in the 15th century, although worship activities were already taking place in the 13th century. It has a Latin cross plan, with a barrel vault built in plaster. On the altar is the image of the Virgin, a recent polychrome carving that served to replace the one destroyed during the civil war. It is believed that the original carving is from the 16th century.

The main festival of Vilavert is celebrated during the month of July, coinciding with the feast of St. Christopher. The winter festivities are held in honor of St. Martin, patron saint of the town, in November.

Discovering Montblanc

The City Council of Montblanc and the association Respira Montblanc have presented the catalog of experiences Respira Montblanc, a collection of unique proposals offered by companies affiliated with this quality mark. The event took place in the Espai Aromis, a place where you can enjoy some of the proposals of the catalog.

It has been elaborated during the last year with the advice of the tourism consultancy Tourislab that has made a compilation of proposals with the aim of offering moments of happiness to travelers through cultural immersion and learning, physical and emotional well-being, relaxation, peace and tranquility discovering Montblanc, the Conca de Barberà, the Prades Mountains and the Cistercian Route. The consultant David Esteller has been in charge of describing the contents, which he has defined as a true example of regenerative tourism


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